“The Wall”

Building a wall between the U.S. and Mexico is fiscally irresponsible and ineffective. This issue confronts historical relevance of building walls and would diminish the Borderland Economic Environment that allows our economies thrive.
President Bush signed the Secure Fence Act in 2006 in which it costs Americans $2.4 billion to build a fence on 670 miles of U.S.-Mexican borderland. Deputy Chief of Border Patrol for the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Ronald Vitiello, in a Senate Committee hearing in 2015, said that building the fence was more than expected and more difficult than anticipated. The projections to build the wall covering the entire 2,000 miles of U.S.-Mexico borderland will be exorbitant. In 2009, the Government Accountability Office projected that to build 1 mile of fencing would cost $2.8 million – $3.9 million. This projection is for building in an easy area (not one that is mountainous, or doesn’t have access to roads, acquiring land, etc.).
Keep in mind –  President Trump wants a WALL and not a fence, so the costs would be exponentially higher to build, repair, and maintain.  One mile of the wall in a difficult section could cost up to $16 million, and that isn’t including maintenance. I feel that that money would be better invested in expanding Medicaid in all States, or in increasing support for teachers and expanding summer programs for students, or towards reducing our National Deficit. We should not invest so much of our resources to building a wall that will tear the fabric of our community: families will be impacted and our economies will be weakened, all the while proving to be an ineffective measure to curb illegal immigration.

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