Health Care for El Paso

Healthcare – Investing in healthcare is investing in our people. Our city needs to be filled with healthy productive members if we want to reap the benefits of better jobs, increased incomes, and lower costs.  Much of the El Paso area has been given

El paso health care
Generated from the HRSA Site 3-15-2017

the Federal Designation of being a Health Professional Shortage Area which means that there are too few primary care, dental, and mental health care providers for the population. Even if we have the funds to pay for care, there are far less people to care for us than most any other major city in the US.  From Veterans, to our native populations, to the citizens in all sides of our city – timely and quality healthcare has to be ensured and will be achieved by creating a comprehensive solution.

Some of the things we can do to change this:

  • Build up our academic programs to educated and graduate skills healthcare professionals
  • Attract and retain health care professionals and organizations
  • Foster a community of health in our city by improving parks and public areas
  • Improving access to preventative care

At the same time, we need to address environmental health issues, ensuring all El Pasoans have access to produce and health foods, air quality and access to preventative care.  We can have some control over these impending issues even be able to leverage local businesses to filling the gaps and give more people a better economic future.


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