El Paso’s Strained Infrastructure

“There is no doubt that the infrastructure of current and future large cities is a critical issue in our society,” an excerpt from the Columbia university study on infrastructure.   The importance of infrastructure to both the survival of our society is most obvious in our metropolitan city areas. The fragility of infrastructure as it ages is obvious with incidents of the bridge  collapse of the I-35W in Minneapolis, but the problems are generally more wide-spread and less visible.

El Paso is growing, but with our unique regional constraints, we need to develop a strategy for developing that is both sustainable and practical. For instance; proper planning for our road and highways to meet today’s challenges as well as considerations for city growth in the next 10 years.

In that respect, keeping our city enjoyable and usable for the community is imperative to our survival and in attracting the best businesses for our city.  As I look around and see so many parks that have had to close or just severly neglected.  Less and less outdoor community areas like the parks and even with the community pools which have nearly disappeared.   How can we create a friendly environment for bicyclists and other outdoor recreation that is so sought out by talented young professionals?

El Paso government has failed to fund innovative green initiatives including recycling and waste management that can dramatically reduce our direct costs for utilities and services.  Just this year, El Paso Water Board passed a 17% increase in charge for storm water services which is in addition to the 11% increase that took place the year prior. Yet storm water continues to collect under the freeway, which is especially problematic in the warmer mosquito moths.

This kind of neglect has to stop immediately to keep costs low today and in the future.


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